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3D ProAnimator is the fastest way possible for you to add top-quality 3D Motion Graphics animation to your tool set. Follow our start up videos and you will be creating billable work right away.
3D programs these days are amazing. You can feel like a god making spaceships whiz and dinosaurs dance! But do you really need all of that power? And do you need the complications and headaches that go along with it? 3D ProAnimator is optimized for motion graphics to give you the most impressive animations possible for a minimalamount of training and work.

To get you up and running quickly, 3D ProAnimator comes with tons of presets and templates. Create an entire animation with One Click. Drag and drop colors, bevels and materials. No pre-planning, no training, just get-’er-done production speed.

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ProAnimator is not just a pile of templates and presets. You will always need to customize what you are doing and 3D ProAnimator makes customization fast and easy. Have you ever opened up a preset in another animation program and been boggled by the jungle of keyframes? Won’t happen with ProAnimator. No keygrames means it’s easier to customize and easier to use. Easier means its faster. Faster means you can finish work earlier and get home in time for dinner.

Main Features


Version 8.0.0 – Major Release:

  • Compatible with After Effects CS5, CS5.5, CS6 and After Effects CC 2014
  • Compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 / OSX 10.7 or above and Intel Mac Only
  • Real-Time Rendering
    • Optimized OpenGL and Ray-Traced Renderer- Our OpenGL and Ray Trace Renderer is now faster than ever! Create hundreds of thousands of polygons without having to worry about slowdown. Everything updates in real-time with texturing, lighting and shadows.
    • Auto-Rendering- With Auto-Rendering, whenever you make any changes the scene automatically renders. No need to keep having to click the Render Test button to see what your objects look like.
  • Depth of Field – Use Depth of Field to create highly realistic images where some objects are in focus while other objects are out of focus.
  • Instancing
    • Instanced Objects- With instanced objects, the program automatically duplicates as many objects as you want without slowing down the program. Objects can be distributed using our distribution tools.
      • New Distribution Types – Use new distribution tools such as assigning your objects totake on the shape of a different object, or other simple shapes such as cubes, spheres and more.
      • Materials – Apply the same material or different materials to the instanced objects.
      • Randomization – Use our randomize controls to place objects in random positions instead of scattering objects one by one.
    • Instanced Text- With instanced text, you can set the text to be instanced by character, word, or paragraphs. This lets you distribute walls of text to create amazing text backgrounds quickly and easily.
  • Normal Maps
    • Applying Normal Maps- Our Material Editor gives you the ability to load either a normal map or bump map to create realistic effects.
    • Realistic Material Presets- Our material presets have been re-edited with normal maps for even more realistic effects for your objects.
  • New Lighting Controls
    • Image Based Lighting- Apply Image Based Lighting for highly realistic lighting effects for your scene.
    • Shadow Lights- Create a light that doesn’t affect your scene, but has the ability to cast shadows.
  • Note: Wireframe and Hidden line rendering styles are no longer supported. If you have any projects that are using wireframe or hidden line rendering, the material will render as a solid color instead. You may use the Grid Shader as an alternative for Hidden Line rendering.

Version 8.0.1 Update:

  • Added a Depth of Field indicator. When using 4-Views or a User Camera, you can see the Depth of Field indicator on the Main Camera.
  • Added a new distribution feature so you can cascade objects in directions such as Left To Right.
  • Fixes an issue where changing the instanced text grouping may crash the program
  • Fixes an issue where the IBL image is not loading correctly.
  • Memory optimization to prevent out of memory issues from occurring in After Effects.
  • Fixes a possible crash when replacing Lighting Rigs.

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