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Premiere Pro Version

Update 2.0 What’s new?

Newest version of Animation Studio Extension
New Sound FX
New Category - Vintage Transitions

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Customers Reviews

Designed Cartoon – 75 Transitions with different movements.

Designed Glass – 85 Transitions with different movements.

Designed Glitch – 75 Transitions with different movements.

Designed Grunge – 75 Transitions with different movements.

Designed Modern – 85 Transitions with different movements.

Designed Smoke – 85 Transitions with different movements.

Flat – Roll, Swap, Fly and more – 85 Transitions

Glitch – Bad TV, Analog, Invert and more – 65 Transitions

Various – Brush, Ink, Drops and more – 50 Transitions

Shapes – Circles, Lines and more – 45 Transitions

Light Leaks – Warm, Cold, Colored and more – 20 Transitions

Zoom – In, Out, Pixel, Twirl and more – 145 Transitions

Panoramic – Roll, Long, Fast and more – 45 Transitions

Perspective – Corners, Center and more – 105 Transitions

Fade – Tint, Color, Blur and more – 75 Transitions

Spin – Center, Sides, Corners and more – 110 Transitions

Kaleidoscope – Triangle, Box, Pentagon and more – 50 Transitions

Stretch – Sides, Smooth and more – 70 Transitions

Split – Double, Triple and more – 70 Transitions

Displacement – Square, Lines and more – 105 Transitions


Over 1700 brand new transitions.This is a library of 1700 brand new transitionswhich will save you a lot of time and help you professionally edit your video in a matter of minutes. Transitions Library contains all types of ready to use effects from different categories: Cartoon, Glass, Glitch, Grunge, Modern, Smoke, Split, Zoom, Fade, Spin, Flat, Glitch, Panoramic and many more. Every category contains different types of effects and creates unique stylish look. Apply a preset in one click and use Control Panel to adjust it like you want. We will frequently update Transitions Library and add more categories and effects.

Technical Requirements

  • To use Animation Studio Extension requires AE Version CC2014.2 or higher
  • To use Presets in AE CC2014.2 or higher checkVideo Tutorials
  • To use in Adobe Premiere Pro checkUse in Premiere Pro


  • Over 1700 effects&transitions for any media content.
  • Easy for beginners – applying a preset in one click.
  • No holders needed – presets work through adjusment layers.
  • Animation Studio extension included.
  • Supported 2K, 4K, 8K resolution.
  • Change preset in one click.
  • Apply 1,2 or 3 presets at the same time to get unique design.
  • Easily change the duration of preset.
  • Doesn’t require advanced skills in After Effects
  • ZXP InstallerHERE
  • Videos from previewHERE
  • Fonts From PreviewHERE
  • To use Presets in AE CC2014.2 or higher checkVideo Tutorials
  • To use in Adobe Premiere Pro checkUse in Premiere Pro
  • Animation Studio Panel Toolkit
  • Transitions Library Package
  • Online Support
  • Detailed Video Tutorials
  • Future Updates
  • Customization Service
  • New Free Presets every month
  • Help Center

    Troubleshooting in AE CC 2019

  • If you get Expressions Errors in After Effects CC 2019 check infohere
  • If you get Extension Manager Errors in After Effects CC 2019 check infohere
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    This toolkit is perfect for editing any type of photo/video and applying different visual effects to it. Transitions Library contains all kinds of editable effects, different Light Leaks, Slow-mo, Transitions and many others. It can be used for any type of video: wedding, vacation gallery, photo albums, anniversary, birthdays or other special events. Combine several effects at the same time to create any style you want: minimal, clean, lovely, inspired, travel, corporate, business, elegant, christmas, birthday, vacation, urban, glitch, sport, modern, vintage.


    Dear friends! Videohive Authors that bought the regular license are allowed to use these presets in their video-templates. Our product will help you create a new unique design and save your time.

    Update Log

    14 June 2019 - Version 1.0.1 - Fixed minor bugs.
    13 June 2019 - Released.

    Great Thanks toWayman

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