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Modern Transitions v14 21922312 Videohive – Free Download Premiere Pro Templates

Software Version Premiere Pro CC | No Plugin | Resizable | 1.4 Gb


Downloading copyrighted material is illegal, and all the files here are only for educational uses. if you wish to use this file online you have to buy a genuine version

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Video Tutorial | Watch here how to use it, before the purchase
Tip: On your sequence, enable the feature of inserting individual layers from other sequences.

  • Simply drag and drop(without editing)
  • WorksONLYwithPremiere Pro(CC13 v.7.2.2 and above)
  • Extremely easy to use(without any knowledge)
  • 4 Speed variations
  • Sound effect for each transition
  • HTML Preview Gallery(To choose fast and easy the right transition)
  • Works with any type of media
  • Separated projectsfor each category

What is included in the pack

Images :

Free download here:  Images 1, Images 2, Images 3

Audio :

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  • Swipes
  • Swipes with RGB
  • Lens Swipes
  • Lens Swipes with RGB
  • Panoramic Swipes
  • Panoramic Swipes with RGB
  • Spins
  • Spins with RGB
  • Zoom Spins
  • Zoom Spins with RGB
  • Simple Zoom
  • Simple Zoom with RGB
  • Lens Zoom
  • Lens Zoom with RGB
  • Lens Zoom Spins
  • Lens Zoom Spins with RGB
  • Stretch
  • Stretch with
  • Mosaic Glitch
  • Distortion Glitch
  • Super Fast
  • Light Leaks
  • Bonus: Swipe with Light Leaks
  • Real Glitch
  • Digital Glitch
  • Smooth Shake
  • RGB Smooth Shake
  • Hard Shake
  • RGB Hard Shake
  • Perspective Shake
  • RGB Perspective Shake
  • Simple Zoom Pixelation
  • Lens Zoom Pixelation
  • Zoom Spins Pixelation
  • Spins Pixelation
  • Lens Swipes Pixelation
  • RGB Swipes Pixelation
  • Circle Swipes
  • RGB Circle Swipes
  • Square Swipes
  • RGB Square Swipes
  • Triangle Swipes
  • RGB Triangle Swipes
  • Line Swipes
  • RGB Line Swipes
  • Polygon Swipes
  • RGB Polygon Swipes
  • Rhombus Swipes
  • RGB Rhombus Swipes
  • Star Swipes
  • RGB Star Swipes
  • Dial Line Swipes
  • RGB Dial Line Swipes
  • Double Circle Swipes
  • RGB Double Circle Swipes
  • Double Polygon Swipes
  • RGB Double Polygon Swipes
  • Double Rhombus Swipes
  • RGB Double Rhombus Swipes
  • Double Square Swipes
  • RGB Double Square Swipes
  • Double Star Swipes
  • RGB Double Star Swipes
  • Double Triangle Swipes
  • RGB Double Triangle Swipes
  • RGB Square Glitch
  • Glitches

1.500 Transitionsfor Premiere Pro (These areNOTmogrt files) and156 Sound effects


You are free to use these transitions in any of your Videohive templates. You can use them to create your own slideshows, openers, logo reveals, promos, etc.Read more:Here

Terms of use:

  • extended license purchase
  • You are not allowed to modify or resell this pack as an alternative item.

Use this item as a tool to improve your projects and respect the hard work of the artists behind this

Video Tutorials with voice over

  • Add a Transition
  • Change Transition’s Duration
  • Fix the bugs (if you have)
  • Fix offline media files (if you have)
  • Make it work in any resolution
  • Turn on “Markers” if you can’t see them
  • TIPS for BETTER_PERFORMANCE in Premiere Pro

Free Updates

  • v1150 Transitions
  • v2384 Transitions and 21 Sound Effects into each transition. Now works with previous versions of Premiere Pro. From CC13 v7.2.2 and above.
  • v2.1Updated Video Tutorials. Video tutorial that shows how to fix bugs (if you have). Works faster. Better organized Premiere project.
  • v2.2Updated Video Tutorials. Video tutorials with voice over.
  • v3+90 Glitch Transitions and +15 Glitch sound effects
  • v3.1HTML Preview Gallery(To choose fast and easy the right transition)
  • v4+47 Super Fast Transitions and 10 sound effects
  • v4.5Works for 2K and 720p
  • v5+100 Light Leaks Transitions and +50 Burn sound effects
  • v5.54K Resolution update. Separated projects for each category
  • v6Faster!!! + 112 Transitions (100 Light Leaks and 12 Swipes)
  • v6.2Works with square (1080×1080)
  • v6.3Faster html preview
  • v6.4Work with Vertical resolution. Video tutorial that explains how you could make it work with any resolution
  • v7+50 Glitch transitions. +50 Glitch Sounds. Video tutorial: TIPS for BETTER_PERFORMANCE in Premiere Pro
  • v8+50 Digital Glitch Transitions
  • v9+60 Shake Transitions and +10 Shake sounds effects
  • v9.1Fix glitch sounds issue. + 35 glitch sounds.
  • v10Faster render. Better RGB split.
  • v11Faster Import. +130 Pixelation Transitions
  • v12+168 Shape Transitions
  • v13+168 RGB Shape Transitions, +14 RGB Transitions
  • v13.1Fix bugs
  • v14+100 Glitches

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Music used: Get Loud by Midnight Riot (From Musicbed with license for the preview)

Photos are taken fromPixabay

Videos used (fromEnvato Elements):

Videos used (fromVidevo):

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