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Fracture Titles – Animated Typeface

Fracture Titles is an Animated Typeface perfectly suited for Titles, Lower Thirds, and even intros! The letters are allhigh quality1000×1000 renders, making large scale projects very easily achievable. The project comes with ascriptthat automates the process of creating words and gives you a ton of extra controls for formatting and animating any text you want to write!

Be sure to watch thevideo tutorialto find out everything you need to know!

Images :

Free download here:  Images 1, Images 2, Images 3

Audio :

Download  Free Music Here


  • Video tutorial
  • Special script to create your words
  • Easy to customize, custom controls
  • Change colors
  • Adjustable duration
  • Customizable animations
  • Soundtrack from preview can be purchasedhere

About the script

As mentioned above, with the script you can easily generate the words with a single click. After your word is generated, it is parented to aControl Layer, which gives you full customization options:

Scale & Position– Easily adjust the scale and position of the text, using the transform properties of the Control Layer.

Spacing– Increase or decrease the space between letters.

Size Variation– Add size variation between letters.

Height Variation– Add height variation between letters.

Seed– Adjust the seed random for the Size and Height variation properties. Change this value to get different results each time.

Duration– After the letters are formed, adjust how long they stay on screen until the fading animation begins. Can last as long as you want and be as short as 1 second.

Offset– Adjust the delay between each letter forming. Use this property to create smooth cascading animation effects.

Randomize– Increase the randomness in the appearance of the letters to create a more ‘organic’ animation.

Random Seed– Use different values to get different results for the randomize property.

Color– Change the colors of the fracture. Use any color!

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