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Digital Cyber Technology Logo Reveal. 8 Color Presets. 26624926 Videohive – Free Download After Effects Templates
After Effects Version CC++ | No Plugin | 1920×1080 | 1.9 GB


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Digital Cyber Technology Logo Reveal

High quality After Effects Template which works without any plugins and will successfully render amazing logo reveal even inAfter Effects CS6. All the 3d graphics were pre-rendered, edited and compiled in a template so you have all the necessary controls. Which means that this template is reallyFast to Render and Easy to Edit.

Free 1080p Example Video:

In order to fully appreciate the beauty and complexity of the template. I recommend you to download the video file created by using this template. Video was uploaded in the highest quality and allows you to enjoy all the details offline.Google Drive Download Link:

8 Ready-to-Use Color Presets

1) IndustrialThis color palette is perfect for high-tech factories or companies that are engaged in digitization, automation, robotization of enterprises. The numerous electrical circuits that entangle the structure reflect the spirit of high technology.2) CyberpunkVery popular and trendy colors on the Internet. Due to the growing popularity of the dystopic, cybernetic genre of cinema. Probably something to do with the blade that should be given to the runner.3) Cyber securityGreen can be associated with the army and soldiers, as well as with electricity and military data. These colors are ideal for companies that are involved in the protection of privacy at the state level. Or at least that’s how you present yourself. Perfect for antiviruses or applications that protect against spyware attacks.4) SpaceshipPerhaps even this color palette could be called Corporate. Relatively calm and not catchy colors. The logo is in the spotlight as the brightest object. The blue colors are excellent for inspiring confidence. However, at the same time I personally have the feeling of a spaceship, a rather mystical, magical atmosphere. Suitable for a short film about space, incredible scientific research, most likely in the genre of science fiction.5) GamingVery bright colors. Violets, turquoise, ruby, rosy just a whole color palette! Perfect for gaming youtube channels, instagram accounts, twitch streams. In general, all color palettes are suitable for games, just take into account the very palette of the game for which you choose a template. For example, this color scheme is suitable for FPS games designed for children. Or for the content producer who is very into humor and very funny to pitch.6) DramaticBlack and white background and a pretty dim logo. Suitable for those who do not particularly like catchy colors and wanted a more serious option for their company. At the same time in the dark you can see all the complexity of graphics that will give the feeling that the company has invested quite well on visual design.7) Elegant and authenticTo be honest, this color palette was inspired by the car industry. Expensive unsaturated colors, calm beige shades. At the same time, the main digital theme of the template was preserved, thanks to the growth of green digital tubes and chips.Maximum contrastThis color pattern was created in order to attract the maximum attention of the viewer. Red and green are the opposite of each other. Logo and background are separated to the maximum extent possible, so that the contour of your logo will not be lost. The general mood is similar to the industrial style, very similar to warning signs. This template is perfect as a way to deliver an important message, warning or announcement. Also please note that the 2d text and 3d background of the logo can be adjusted separately. This gives you the freedom to be creative.

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