Bookmarker v1.0 (Aescripts)

Bookmarker is a compact toolbar for After Effects that makes it easy to access your most visited projects. Open After Effects project, save it as a bookmark and you’re done – next time you can open that projects from Bookmarker’s list. Easy as that.


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  1. Save project screenshot and comment;
  2. Launch AE project by double clicking on Bookmark;
  3. Import multiple projects to current After Effects project;
  4. Reveal selected bookmark’s project file in finder;
  5. Edit bookmark – rename, add comment, change screenshot;
  6. Live search boomarker’s list;
  7. Re-arrange bookmarks order;
  8. Delete bookmarks from the list;
  9. Import multiple After Effects projects to save them as a bookmarks;
  10. Enable or disable Preview/Comment area of the UI;
  11. Remove dead bookmarks on startup;

User manual
Looking for more info about the tool? Find it in User Manual.

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