AtomKraft for After Effects CS5.5 to CC

The interactive 3D toolkit for look development, matte painting, lighting & rendering tightly integrated in the leading motion graphics application Adobe After Effects®.


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AtomKraft is the interactive 3D toolkit for Adobe After Effects. It is the ultimate fixing tool when you are in the compositing stage. Use the same core tech of its high-end film VFX counterpart AtomKraft/Nuke in your favorite compositing application!
AtomKraft works as a replacement for Ae’s builtin renderers: it is designed to fully interpret Ae’s 3D system and access Ae’s 2D image layers. AtomKraft embeds 3Delight, the fast, hybrid REYES/RAYS, offline production render engine. AtomKraft’s toolkit minimizes the need of going back to 3D in this stage of the production pipeline by loading (animated) ‘assets’ straight from Cinema 4D, 3dsmax, Maya, Softimage, Houdini or your favorite 3D applications, such as the new industry standard Alembic (ABC) and Wavefront OBJ, both with support of proxy geometry.

AtomKraft/Ae 1.2.0 – February 4th, 2014

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  • Improved rendering speed in ‘Wireframe’ and ‘Draft’ modes (176)


  • Fixed an alpha premultiplication bug in AtomProjectCamera
  • Fixed some premultiplication bugs with layer edges (106, 211)
  • Fixed an alpha mismatch when baked textures were used (205)
  • Fixed a crash with certain shapes and AtomSweep (216)
  • Objects now receive shadows if they have ‘Accepts Shadows’ set to ‘On’/’Only’, even if ‘Accepts Lights’ is set to ‘Off’ (203)
  • Objects now cast shadows if they have ‘Casts Shadows’ set to ‘On’/’Only’, even if ‘Accepts Lights’ is set to ‘Off’ (203)
  • ‘Accepts Shadows’ ‘Only’ works now (181)
  • Fixed baked textures not being re-generated after deletion outside of Ae


  • The topmost effect in the stack (i.e. the effect applied first) always replaces/overwrites the 3D solid’s color & alpha (213)
  • Improved mesh reading speed considerably for large meshes
  • Removed mapping from 10 iris blades to round iris; to get a round iris with any number of blades, just set roundness to 100%


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